Our Culture

Be Yourself

Our culture is as diverse as our associates. The unique beliefs and backgrounds that each one brings to our team establishes an inclusive environment, which fosters creativity, innovation and company-wide camaraderie. We value and encourage ideas and input from every individual—their varied opinions and viewpoints reflect the diversity of the clients, suppliers, and communities we serve.

“Since inception we have always focused on our people and culture – a culture that is authentic. People are allowed to be themselves and evaluated fairly on who ‘they’ are, not on who they are trying to be. People smile and laugh here and it is contagious. When you operate at 99% client retention in the service business your people are doing the right things.”

– Phil Richard, President

Employee Spotlight

Darryl Dixon, Technical Analyst/Project Coordinator

Meet Darryl. Darryl is an awesome dude who adores his kids and loves spending time volunteering with the non-profit organization called the JK Movement. Darryl has a passion for helping youth athletes from the inner city to improve the quality of their lives and achieve their dreams both inside the gym and in life.

Featured Job

Customer Service Representative

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