Consolidation Services

Simplifying The Accounts Payable Process

Let our consolidation services team save you time and money through automated management of purchase orders and billing. As the premier provider of these services in the US, you can rely on our expertise to reduce costs and build efficiencies for your business.

Consolidation Services

The current Accounts Payable process at Marcy’s company is consuming too much of her time — time she would prefer to spend managing her core business. She realizes that multiple invoices arriving at her desk are causing processing issues and errors… it’s enough to cause a BREAK DOWN!

See how our consolidation services help Marcy simplify the AP process!

Enjoy the Benefits of Consolidation

Handshake IconWork directly with customers and suppliers to ensure accurate pricing and delivery.

Paper IconCombine multiple invoices into one convenient format (EDI, PDF, Excel, etc.).

Networking IconDisplay customer purchase order numbers on invoices, with copies available upon request.

Money IconProcess Accounts Payable more efficiently by making a single payment to Best Vendors.

Lock IconProvide a secure website where customers can easily access data and performance results.

Cog IconStore and forward purchase orders throughout the supplier network.

Employee Spotlight

Darryl Dixon, Technical Analyst/Project Coordinator

Meet Darryl. Darryl is an awesome dude who adores his kids and loves spending time volunteering with the non-profit organization called the JK Movement. Darryl has a passion for helping youth athletes from the inner city to improve the quality of their lives and achieve their dreams both inside the gym and in life.

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