BVFusion3 and Pulse are customizable platforms unique to Best Vendors with full integration capabilities.


BVFusion3 is a client-facing portal that tells a story by effectively collecting, managing and sharing information with our customers.

Compass has created a proprietary platform that allows clients access to the information that they want to see.  These portals can be accessed from any browser on any device without having to install software.

Our team of analysts extracts data from all of our transaction and financial systems and uses that data to build client specific portals.  These are not cookie cutter portals.  We find out what is important to you and we build you a portal facilitating your information needs.

We also provide statistical analysis, KPI metrics, and in depth reporting for your account manager making it easy to stay on top of critical activities that are being managing for you.

Our  proprietary data capture platform allows us to perform audits, consumer sentiment analysis and field surveys allowing us to stay on top of the qualitative information required to manage your account effectively.  Much of this information is also available for you in your customer portal.

  • Timely Some BVFusion3 information is updated every 15 minutes.
  • Adaptable BVFusion3 is flexible enough to allow us to modify the content regularly to include items such as, but not limited to, KPIs and SLAs as they change over the course of time.
  • Accurate Information runs through several data quality validations prior to being published on the BVFusion2 client portal.
  • Dynamic Graphs, grids, drill-down controls, analytic widgets, and multi-media players create a high energy interface with easy to use features that maximize the experience of using the BVFusion3 portal.

Pulse is Best Vendors’ data collection tool used to gather information such as customer sentiment and drive internal processes. Some of Pulse’s capabilities include:

  • On-site audits
  • Vendor compliance
  • Customer service
  • Ability to view items such as nutritional information
  • Real-time feedback
  • Service recovery